Wk 14 – Classmate Interview – Khoa Do


For this week’s classmate interview, I got the chance to interview Khoa Do who is a freshman at our school and is majoring in Human Resource and Hospitality Management. He really likes it at Cal State Long Beach but he is still having a little trouble transitioning from high school to college. He said that college is so much different than when he was in high school. He is used to having his class set for him but in college he has to take full responsibility for everything. Although the college life is more difficult but he is definitely enjoying it because he is able to control everything that he does with his schedule and what time to come to school. In the beginning taking art was only for his general ed but then he started to like. I have known Khoa since High School but we never really spoke to each other. We only see each other during passing period. We actually live near each other too, he is from Midway City and I am from Westminster, we are kind of couple blocks away from each other. Khoa said that hes been on the hunt for a job but no luck. He wants to start working so he can help his parents out a little and to have extra cash on the side for spending. Khoa was a very nice guy to talk to and I hope college goes well for him.


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