Wk 14 – Artist Interview – Maritza Reyes Munguia


When I was at the art gallery I saw quite a few artwork that was very nice but the one that caught my attention the most was the one done by Maritza Reyes Munguia. I have seen a lot of artwork done by painting and sculpting but hers stood out the most because it was made out of paper and from cutting. I remember seeing something like this before but I don’t remember where. The last one that I saw theĀ artist also used papers to cut and made animals and trees shape. Munguia said that throughout the semester her artwork began to break away from canvas and began to shift over to paper. Paper was her choice because it allows her to remove, add, and construct dimension in space and play with cast shadow. Munguia stated that the purpose of her artwork is to take an object and recreate its original meaning and the shadow created by the cut paper resembles a fragmented memory in space and time. When I look at her art work I can see how detailed it is, every line is perfectly cut and the light was able to help bring out the shadow of the artwork. I really love what she did, she was able to transform paper into something very beautiful.


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