Wk 13 – Optional EC – Classmate Procedure

Khoa Do – Paper Airplane

11157933_412978088884541_1601077287_n  11166044_412978085551208_1083603466_n

I tried following Khoa’s steps for folding the paper airplane, but it did not turn out like the one that he folded. Some of the steps were kind of confusing to me, like when he said to fold the paper in half I did not know if I should fold it hot dog or hamburger style. I tried following the steps a couple of times but I wasn’t able to complete the plane. Although I wasn’t able to fold a paper airplane like his but mine is kind of similar but its just shorter and it still flies.

Kevin Nguyen – Soft Paper

11118316_412978082217875_1535938113_n 11156761_412978078884542_777825759_n

Kevin’s algorithmic art is the easiest to do. All I had to do was grab a printing and crumble it. I did that over and over again for a couple of times. The only problem was that I ripped the paper when I was trying to uncrumple the paper. But besides that everything was super easy and when I finally decided to stop and open the paper, it was pretty soft.

Andrew Hwan Lee – Poem

11156831_412978072217876_1162510856_n 11158152_412978075551209_1621133865_n

Andrew’s algorithmic art procedure was that I can pick any random book and then take each second word from each page and stop when I reach page 25. Then put the words in order to create a nonsense poem and put a period after every five words. So here is my poem;

“Enter hungry break when on. Of be my were of. Man dwell sir bore man. Now he whose but groaning. When cut do if the.”

I decided not to add more words to make it grammatically right. It sounds way off, and kind of funny because it makes no sense and so random. It wasn’t that hard for me to follow his step.

Hung Trinh – Dollar Heart

11179998_412978092217874_275457602_n 11158119_973375892694955_531840711_n

Hung’s algorithmic art was the hardest out of the four that I chose. I kept on trying and trying to follow the step to complete the heart. It was hard because it requires a lot of foldings and there’s a lot of steps that I needed to follow. I think I tried this about five times and I was able to accomplish it on the fifth time. It was my first time folding this and I am kind of proud of myself for being able to complete it.


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