Wk 13 – Artist Interview – Marty Knop

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When I was at the art gallery I saw Marty Knop’s art work which was very color and I love it. I love seeing art that has a lot of mixture of color because to me the color represents my life in a way, because within my life I will be faced with many different things. So just like in the work that Knop had all the color could represent the problem that we face in life, so I thought it was pretty interesting. When I was in the exhibit looking at his art work, at first it feels like the lines and shapes that he has going on within the art is messing with my eyes. But if I look at it long enough I can follow the lines and the shapes that he has. Knop uses a computer to generate the art through code and programs. He stated that his approach to visual formalism with data resolves around the idea of patterns and randomness but the archiving, editing, and contextualizing of the work is also very important. I remembered when Knop said that the model is generated from the result of a series of automated procedures organized as a set of step-by-step instructions kind of like an algorithm. It kind of reminded me of the activity that we just did where we had to write out the procedures and the extra credit where we had to follow our classmate’s procedure to see if we can create the art that they did. Overall I thought Knop’s art was very cool and I love the different patterns and colors that was in the art.


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