Wk 13 – Classmate Interview – Adam Price


When I was at the art gallery, I had a chance to talk to Adam Price who is a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He is graduate at the end of this semester and will start working for a Navy Research and Development Center. Adam is very excited that he is graduating at the end of this semester because he will not have to worry about school anymore unless he wants to get a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. Adam told me that the only thing that he regrets not doing is to minor in Computer Science. He likes Computer Science but then he couldn’t find the time to fit it in, but if he had another chance he would do it. Adam does not work since he is a full time student he wanted to focus in school. Adam lives in Cypress so he drives back and forth, he said that it saves a lot of money to live at home. He took this class because he younger sister suggested it to him, telling him that it would be easy. But as the semester went by Adam started to enjoy this class because of the art that he gets to see and its different that most of his class. He likes how on Thursdays class takes place outside rather than in a class room. Adam was very nice during our conversation and I really enjoyed talking to him, and congratulation to him for graduating. I wish him the best.


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