Wk 12 – Activity – Algorithmic Art

For this week’s activity we need to create an algorithmic art which is work that that is created by following a set of rules or instructions or procedures. I couldn’t really think of anything so I just did a video of a simple “dance.” I mean it is not really a dance because I am just following someones’s commands.

1. Two step to the left

2. Three step to the right

3. Right knee up

4. One step back

5. Left knee up

6. Hop two times

7. Spin in a circle

8. Hop three times

9. Cross your legs

10. One step to the left

11. One step to the right

12. Hop one time

13. Spin in a circle

14. Left hand touch left leg

15. Both hands grab each other

It was kind of fun doing the video I had to try a couple times in order to get a video without me laughing during the process. I don’t think it would be hard if someone was to follow each of these procedures and do the same thing that I did.


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