Blog Post #4 EC

My three most favorite activities were Web Design (Your WordPress), Painting & Drawing (Graffiti Writing), and Sculpture (Plaster Casting). Web Design was something I enjoy doing because it reminded me of Myspace. I liked the Graffiti Writing because it was something different and fun when I was playing around with the spray paint. The activity that I most enjoyed was the Plaster Casting because I had the chance to create my first sculpture.

My three least favorite activity was the New Media (The Mina Show), Remix Culture, and Algorithmic Art. I did not like the New Media because it was hard to do something that would pop up into my mind without thinking. The Remix Culture because it was hard for me to remix things, I just like to keep things simple. And with the Algorithmic Art, it was very confusing and I did not know what to do.

A. Tuesday in UT-108, its a nice lecture hall but very far from the parking structure.

B. Activities Overall, it was fun and it allowed me to work with art hands on.

C. Artist Conversation, I didn’t really like doing the artist conversation because it got too demanding.

D. Classmate Conversation, I liked.

E. Using Your Website, fun.


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