Wk 12: Classmate Interview – Edgar Bueno


For this weeks classmate interview, I got the chance to talk to Edgar Bueno, who is a freshman at our school. Edgar is really enjoying his freshman year in college because it turned out to be better than he expected, although the level of stress is a lot higher than when he was in high school. He is majoring in sociology because he would like to learn more about our society and conduct studies to find out ways that he can help improve our society to make it a better place for the future generations. Edgar really enjoys being in school because he has the chance to acquire knowledge that not every body get the chance to. During his free time Edgar likes playing soccer, he is also on a soccer team that requires him to train three times a week. He has to balance between school and soccer which makes studying harder on him but he thinks it is worth it because he is doing the things that he likes. But starting next year Edgar will not be playing for the soccer team anymore and he will be focusing more on his education since he is one of the first ones in his family to attend a four year college, he wants to make his parent proud. I think Edgar has a great personality because of the way he talked to me and he seems very nice.


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