Wk 12: Artist Interview – Piet Eppinga

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I love going to the art gallery every Thursday to look at the art work done by these amazing artists. At first when I took this class it was only for my G.E but then as I see these beautiful paintings and sculptures I changed my mind and started liking art more. I am able to see a lot of different artwork every week so it is something different, a class where I can relax myself and just look at nice things. So when I was out at the art gallery I was able to look at some of Piet Eppinga’s sculptures that I thought was very nice. Mr. Eppinga stated that his sculptural work is about people and people with all their emotions ups and downs is what inspires him to make figurative sculptural work. Some time when he places his sculptures standing on the floor because he wants it to look like people just like when they are standing. He said that his fascination about sculpture work began when he was little when he and his brothers started to play with clay. They would use the clay to make human and animal figures, he felt that the source of clay that they were using could also be the source of clay for the people who lived in the same areas ages ago. So he felt that the clay gives him a sense of connection with his ancestor. The two sculpture that I took a picture of really stood out to me in that gallery. Like with the first picture, in that sculpture Mr. Eppinga was able to express a story about Christianity and how Jesus was crucified and came back after the third day. In the second picture, Mr Eppinga told us that it represented the relationship between a father a son. Through the sculpture he was trying to show how fathers are not very affectionate, they are that way because their fathers did the same thing to them. I thought Mr. Eppinga’s gallery was very unique because each of the sculpture tells a story and I can relate to some of them very much.


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