Wk 11: Artist Interview – Patricia Rangel

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Thursday for art is like every other Thursday where we go to the gallery and look at art work done my a variety of artists. Looking at paintings and sculptures done by them is a very good experience because it teaches us different situation that the paintings represent. Every artist is inspired by something different and they use that inspiration to create wonderful work for us to see. Just like how Patricia Rangel uses dirt to create the structures from above, I thought that this was interesting because for this weeks activity I needed to go to the beach do do create a plaster of my hand or feet. Dirt and sand are relate-able so I decided to look at some Rangel’s structures and what she does to create them. She said that when she first started working with dirt she was only putting them in pendants. Then when she changed to creating larger structures she used dirt and metal materials. In order to create the structure she uses ply wood molds then she would pack the dirt on it layer by layer. She uses dirt that she collects from the Central Valley and she mainly uses fine dirt because they can be packed easily and could also be reused. Rangel said that one of the thing that she enjoy doing is using the sledge hammer to break the structure that she create than she would use those dirt to create something else. I think that Rangel’s structure are very simple but they are unique in a way. When first walked into the gallery I saw the structure laying there, as I glance at it they look so simple but when I continue to look at them and examine it closely I begin to see its beautiful features and how each structure stand out from each other. The art gallery is always fun because there are always things that surprises me because of the things that these artists can used to create beautiful artwork.


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