Wk 11: Classmate Interview – Kyle Dinsmore


When I was at the art gallery I had the chance to talk to Kyle Dinsmore who is also a sophomore like me. At first when I saw him standing with his friend I was kind of nervous to start a conversation with him because he kind of had a mean look on his face, but he turned out to be super nice and we had a very fun conversation with each other. Kyle intended to major in Engineering but then he changed his mind and switched to business. He is hoping to manage his own business later on because he wants to control what he does and whenever he wants to. Kyle told me that he hates science but he is good in math, he took Statistic in high school and passed the AP test, so he didn’t want to major in anything that focuses on Science. He said that his best stress reliever is playing video games because when he is playing games he is controlling what is happening and the events that takes place in the game. Kyle only took art for his general education but then he started liking it because its different from his other classes. He had a very fun and exciting Spring Break because he went to San Francisco and celebrated Easter in Temecula. He is really looking forward to summer so he doesn’t have to deal with the stress from school. I had a really good time talking to Kyle, he was able to make me laugh and not made the conversation awkward for me, hopefully we will be able to talk in the future if we bump into each other.


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