Wk 11: Activity – Sculpture

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For this weeks activity we needed to make a sculpture of either our hand or feet at the beach. I thought it was really fun and I did have a good time because I got the chance to go to the beach and enjoy the beautiful weather there. Well for the activity we needed to go to the beach to dig a hole there near the water but not too close. After the hole was dug I put my hand in there then used the wet sand to put cover up the hole then pact it tight so it can make the shape of my hand, then pull out my hand. I think the hardest was pulling my hand out because as I was doing that, I saw cracks so I was freaking out and was worried that it might collapse and my hand shape wouldn’t come out.

11096949_966205633411981_144846711_n (1)

After I pulled my hand out successfully I mixed the plaster. That part was very messy because as I pour the plaster into the bucket to mix with the water the wind blew it all over me and I had white spots all over myself. When I was done mixing the plaster I used the cup to pour the plaster in the hole and I waited for about half an hour for it to dry. During that time I had the chance to tan myself, take selfies, and enjoy the beautiful beach.

11134409_966205630078648_1309875754_n (1)  11093196_966205616745316_1095728951_n (1)11088203_966205623411982_1814416280_n (1)

After thirty minutes of waiting I checked to see if the plaster dried up before I dug up my hand. I think its fun digging at the beach but when I was digging up my hand I was afraid that I might break one of the fingers or my hand might come out deform. But when after I took it out it look very nice and I loved it, it looked just like my hand. I had a lot of fun working on this activity because at the same time I was able to enjoy my self at the beach.


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