Wk: 10 – Artist Interview – Dawn Ertl


For the artist interview I decided to interview Dawn Ertl because she came to our class to give us a brief preview of what her artwork is about before we went to see it in the gallery. I thought it was something probably super amazing when she told us how careful we needed to be when entering the gallery like how we needed to take off our bags and backpacks. So I decided to look at her art exhibit and what she did exceeded my expectations, when I entered the exhibit I was in utter shock about what an incredible piece of artwork that she accomplished. Everything was done detail by detail and each part of the artwork express its own unique features, the flowing art installation made of loom and plastic bags was hanging from the ceiling which allowed us to see everything about it. Ertl stated that she uses her interest about environmental issues to create her artwork and she wants it to express the relationship that we have with each other can effect the environment. In her work she uses plastic bags that she collected from her friends and family because she thinks that plastic bags have a poetic reason why they exist and it is a constant reminder of how we deal with the things that we own. I do agree with her on this because sometime we do treat the things we own horrible and after we are done using it we would toss it away without thinking about how it could be used for something else. Being in her exhibit was an eye opener experience and I was able to learn a few things from her about how we should respect and treat our environment and prevent any more harm that is being done it.


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