Wk: 10 – Activity – Student Choice


For our activity this week we could pick to do whatever we want. It was not easy because it was pretty hard to come up ideas for the activity, I would rather have Glenn tell us what he wants for the activity, that would make things a lot easier because we already have a topic to work with. So I decided to use these small pictures that I print out from my polaroid for my activities. I used my polaroid to print out pictures of any special events or activity that I do with my friends and family then put them in my scrapbook. A lot of people take pictures and save them on their phone or their laptop but I like putting them in a book and write a few things about the pictures and I would read them later on. I think that this is the best way to hold onto memories because I am taking my time out to put them in a book, decorate them, and write things that I like about it. Some time when I am down I would flip through the book and look back at some of the fun things that I’ve done it would cheer me up. Every picture I used in my scrapbook has a different meaning to them and the things that I did and why I would want to hold on to that memory forever.


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