Wk: 9 – Artist Interview – Sheila Ann Rodriguez



This week i came to the art galleries wondering what kind of art work i would see this week. When i came into the Merlino Gallery, i was speechless. When i first saw Sheila Ann Rodriguez art i knew this is what i want to learn more about. Rodriguez ideas about combining art and home made me feel warm and comfortable. Looking at her art work changed my perspective of home. I learned that everyone thinks differently when it comes to thinking about home. Rodriguez has moved around when she was a child, so she feels that home is contingent. For some people its happy or sad, and as Rodriguez says its based on how the home is build. Building a home takes time and when i come home i feel like i’m coming home to a family. She says that she draws as she weaves and focuses on the contrast between the thread and the warp. The art showing roots and the houses to me represents how a home is created and how much work it takes. When you look at the art you can tell there’s history to it and it makes me curious to what it is. This is the reason i enjoy looking at art.


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