Wk: 8 – Artist Interview – Nolan Reiter

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When I was in the art gallery on Thursday March 12, I was able to look at some of amazing artwork done by different talented artists. I was pretty surprise at some of the work that I saw. I was never really into art in the beginning of this class, but as the class goes on, the arts that I have seen really catches my interest and I started to wonder what it takes to accomplish such wonderful artwork. Just like these two art piece I have up here done by Nolan Reiter, from his art work I can see that he is a very talented artist who dedicates a lot of his time into completing such wonderful artwork. Nolan said that his view of the world has been shaped by the past five years that he’s been in college, and he uses those views to create his work. Right now is he is majoring in BFA Printmaking and he is drawn to the hand-crafted and process oriented, constantly trying to overcome his media. He stated that his artwork shows a series of silk screened art poster representing his most recent explorations of the world and the communities that we live in. From my perspective I can see how he views the world and our community because of the color transition that happens in his art, it could represent the the constant change that is taking place and as it change we change with it. Just like in the picture with person in the middle and the color is starting to overlap on his face, to me it is representing how we are adapting to the change. Other people could look at his artwork and have a different perspective with me but that is what I see in his artwork.


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