Wk: 8 – Activity – Remix Culture

This weeks activity is remix culture where we needed to try some remix, remixing anything that we like such as words,  images, audio, or video. I really like the idea of remix because I think when different ideas are combined it becomes something better and extraordinary. I saw some pretty cool remix on the activity page but that is something I don’t think ill be able to do. But then again there are many things that can help us with our remix. Especially now since internet is such a big thing in our culture and everyone relies on it to get most of their work done. Our remix can also be done by using the internet and our electronic devices. There are apps that allows us to remix short video clips by combining different videos to create one or altering with the voices in the video to make it sound different. I think there are a lot of remix we can do but I decided to do a remix of my pictures. When I take selfies I tend to use multiple filters to see which one makes my picture look better, then pick which one is the best in the end then post it on instagram. So I  would like to use this chance to mix up the filters in one picture to see how it would look. I never really done anything on the internet or anywhere that violates anyone’s copyright, but I think that sometime people take it too far with the copyright. I think it is fine as how it is now is does not need to modify, maybe is should be weaken a little so more people can have more space and less pressure to make their ideas come true without worrying about who is going to sue them.


My picture came out pretty nice, I liked it. I think it is pretty cool and I never really mixed up more than one filters in one picture, I would compare different filter to see which one makes my picture look better.


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