Wk: 7 – Activity – Portrait Photography


For this weeks activity we needed to imagine how we would pass away. I don’t really like the activity because I kind of believe that I might be jinxing myself. I mean I don’t really want to think about how I am going to die, it’s pretty creepy.

11020346_946511342048077_1452261668_n  11020324_946511328714745_1004893325_n

I created this scene on the stairs at my house. I imagine that I would fall down the stairs and pass away. I think that I would either slip or someone would push me down the stairs. I have trip on the stairs going down and up before but I have never fall to the point where I hospitalize myself. Working on this was kind of funny, but then when I look at the picture it got kind of creepy because it looks kind of real. And who knows what if one day I do fall down the stairs and hurt myself. I know that there is all kind of art out there and I respect them all but there are some I don’t really agree with and this is one of it. I guess I just believe in superstitions, plus I would really want to know how I would pass away.


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