Wk: 7 – Classmate Interview – Joseph Lee


When we were out at the art gallery I had a chance to meet Joseph Lee who is a sophomore at CSULB like me. Joseph wants to be a physical therapist when he graduates from school. He wants to stay in shape so he works out a lot on his free time. He thinks that working out is fun so it became one of his hobby. Joseph’s original plan was to go to the navy once he graduates high school. At first his mom was very supportive about it but then she changed her mind when she heard that her friends kids were applying to Cal State Long Beach. So she told him to do the same thing and if he does not get accepted then he can go to the navy. He did so and he got accepted into our school, so his mom suggested that he should finish college then join the navy. So Joseph is keeping that in his mind and think about whether he wants to join the navy after college or not. I think Joseph is a very funny guy to talk and he didn’t my our conversation awkward. Joseph thinks that art is another way for others to express their thoughts and feelings. So he really enjoys looking at art in the gallery.


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