Wk: 7 – Artist Interview – Clare Samani


When I was at the art gallery I was able to look at a lot of artwork and I really like them. I really like looking at the artists work because I am amaze at how they can create such beautiful work. It something I would never be able to do. As I was exploring the art gallery, this picture stood out to me the most. I know that when Clare created this piece of artwork it might have a different meaning to it but to me it shows the superiority of a woman. I could still see that woman still get discriminated because of their gender and the value of their work is judge by that way. But this art piece lets the woman stand on top like some of us should. This art piece took her eight hours to draw and another eight to etch and print. She is a very nice person to and an easy person to approach, she was able to answer my questions and the other classmates. She was introduce to art at her community college and been loving it since. It was nice to have an artist there to explain to us about how each painting is done and walk us through the process. I would love to see her artwork at the gallery again.


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