Wk 6 – Artist Interview – Alanna Marcelletti


There was a lot of amazing artwork in the gallery this week, and I had a chance to view Alanna Marcelletti’s artwork. Which was very beautiful and I was drawn to it when I first stumbled upon it. Marcelletti stated that her artwork follows a non-linear experience of womanhood through the dialogue between the painting, material and sculpture. Each artwork has its own personality and traits because they are able to represent themselves in different ways. She is able to use different materials such broken plates to put together an art piece. She also said that she gathers trash around her studio to create some of her artwork. It’s like one person’s trash could be another’s treasure. Which I thought it was amazing because we do not need high end materials to create anything beautiful. She was able to show that we could use anything from our surroundings to create meaningful. She said she was inspired b womanhood so when she creates these artwork she incorporates a lot of thoughts and feelings of womanhood in the art. I think she is amazing for being to put her thoughts and feelings in an art piece to show us. When I was looking at her artwork I was trying to see her feelings in her art. I kind of saw it within the colors that she uses. I’m guessing that Whenever we see dark colors it might mean the pain that she endure and when it transition to a light color it might mean that she is feeling better or happy. I really love her 3-D like art work because it stood out from a lot of the other artwork and I enjoyed looking at them.


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