Wk 6 – Activity – Yarn Bombing


During my visit in the CSULB SOA Fiber Arts facilities on the 2nd Floor of FA2 I was able to see a lot of pretty work done by different artist from using fiber. Just like the picture that I have here, it is unbelievable how someone can do that with fiber. The fiber art work is beautifully done with details and outline that are very symmetrical and nothing is out of order. I like the patterns that they artist was able to do and the different color that they are able to put on the art. Even though there are different colors but none of them overlap each other.


When I was trying to do my own fiber art, I thought it was pretty cool but mine did not turn out as good as the ones that I saw in the CSULB SOA Fiber Arts facilities on the 2nd Floor of FA2. It was very easy to do nothing hard about it and not really surprising. I mean because I just tied it on the tree and it did not turn out that good, but I had fun tying the bows on the branch. Between the Yarn Bombing and Graffiti Writing I liked the Graffiti Writing better because it was more fun and I was more active during the graffiti writing. I used paint to draw what ever I want and the yarn bombing was pretty much tying the bows on the tree it was fun but wasn’t as fun. I don’t think that there is anything masculine or aggressive about bombing with paint. There is nothing feminine or nurturing about bombing with yarn. I think that it just stereotype that females deal with because a lot of them work with yarn. I think that art is just art if anything has to capability to do it and create a masterpiece they should just do it and not worry about what is feminine and what is masculine. I do think that within our culture we value some of the things that men do more than women. I think that it is unfair because it can see what sometime the women can do a better job then the men. So when we want to do something, the value of our work should not be determine by our gender.


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