Wk 5 – Artist Interview – Dianna Franco

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This week at the art gallery I had the opportunity to look at different artist’s art work and they were all very amazing and I respect every artist talent for being able to create such beautiful art work. But the one that stood out to me the most was the art work done by Dianna Franco. I also had the chance to read her statement and asked her a few questions. In her statement she spoke a little bit about her work which I found very interesting. She explained that the painting in the exhibition are based on the relationship between nature and civilization. I love painting that is related nature because nature is the most beautiful thing on this planet that I believe we are losing. She tries to explore how the inner parts in nature and civilization can affect the outside and how the outer parts can affect the inside. She really focuses on the inside of her art work without what’s on the inside, the outside can not have a strong structure. She said that her painting consist of a lot of brighter color because it expresses happiness. I really enjoyed viewing her artwork and meeting her.


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