Wk 5 – Activity – Kickstarter

For this weeks activity we had to go through kickstarter and pick two category that we are interested and from each category we had to pick one that we like and one we do not like.


One of the category that I picked from kickstarter is fashion because fashion is amazing! I want to start with an idea that I like first, Vibrant Active-wear and Yoga Apparel by Temple Flower. They explained their main objective for creating this active-wear line which is a line that connects to our soul to our physical body as we go through with our every day life. I found it pretty interesting because I like wearing leggings and yoga apparel because I find them a lot more comfortable than jeans and shorts. They work with local craftsman, I found that pretty cool because they are not ignoring small talents and I think that they want to create the best thing for their customer so they do not overlook anyone’s capability. I like how they have a variety of choices for us to chose from and each style has its story behind it. This project definitely captured my attention and I would fully support it.


In the same category I stumble onto this project which I did not like because to me this pin is just kind of like a safety pin. Besides the complicated look to it there was nothing else interesting about it and I would not support it. In some of the pictures it showed the pin holding the flowers but I think that a safety would be able to do a fine job. I remember when I went to prom I used a safety pin to pin the flower on the boyfriend’s shirt and it was stuck on there for the whole night. Between the two project I felt that the activewear line was able to convince me more to support them because I felt that they were able to present their ideas in a better way.


For my second category I picked technology. In this category I stumbled on the project done by Prynt which is called the first instant camera case for Iphone and Android. I think that this is amazing because it is perfect for me when I want to print out pictures after I take them. Right now I use a polaroid which is a pretty big camera and I hate carrying it around every time I want to use it because its so big. So with this it would make things easier for me and it is very easy to use, just plug it into our phone, take the picture and it will print within seconds. Even Forbes, CNN, and NBC compliments on this because they like the idea of how it could print pictures so quickly. They also have different colors for us to chose from so it’s pretty cool. I think that this case will be very useful for those who wants to get instant pictures from their phone and I would back this project all they way!


In this same category I found this project the Tetrabin created by Sam Johnson and Steven Bai. I just don’t think that this project will workout because a lot of people can’t even throw their trash in the normal trashcan. I always see people leaving their trash around and never pick up after themselves. If people can’t even throw their trash into a normal trash can, what difference can a bin with lights do. I think its cool how they can make the bin look very attractive with the lights but I do not think it would make a difference. And what happens when people mess around with it and break it which might be costly to fix and maintain. I think the normal trash bin we use is fine. Compare the two project I think the other one was able to present themselves better and made their project stand out and showed what their technology is capable of and why people would like it.


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