Wk 5 – Classmate Interview – Jones Sin

10986949_387933641388986_203731510817431429_oI really love meeting new people because our school is so diverse I am able to learn from people with different ethnicity and the difference between our culture. At the art gallery I was able to meet Jones Sin who is part Taiwanese and Vietnamese. Which was pretty cool because he was a very nice guy, who new how to talk and was very nice throughout our conversation. Jones is currently a sophomore at our school and he is majoring in Computer Engineering. He commutes because he lives in Norwalk and dorming was just too expensive for him. Although he did not get to dorm he is still having a very good experience in school, being able to meet new people everyday and just enjoying himself. Jones likes to play tennis for fun because he use to play in high school. But he does not have too much time to play so he plays once or twice a week and at the same time he can exercise. Jones took art for his general education credits but at the same time he would like to gain a little more knowledge about art and why are some people so successful at it and what drives them to create such beautiful work. I had a really good time talking to him and hopefully we will be able to talk in the future and who knows we might have some class together.


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