Wk 4 – Classmate Interview – Brandon Hamada

10845850_386074064908277_229989209604900564_oOn February 12, I got the chance to talk to Brandon Hamada. He is a freshman at Cal State Long Beach and he got accepted under Mechanical Engineer major. Brandon is from Palmdale so he has to dorm here. He says that it is a very fun experience because he is able to meet a lot of new people. From that he is able to make more friends because he cannot really socialize. He is trying very hard to break the social barrier so he can make more friends. We have a few things in common and one of it is both us has a younger brother. I think Brandon is a very educated guy because he loves writing stories on his free time. He likes writing stories because he can control the characters and the plot of it. Although Brandon claim that he can’t really socialize, but we were able to talk for quite some time and I enjoyed talking to him. He did not make the conversation awkward with sudden silent. I had a good time talking to him because actually made me laugh. If we get a chance in the future to talk more, I would definitely talking to him.


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