Wk 4 – Artist Interview – Juliet Johnson


When I was at the art gallery on February 12 I had to chance to look at Juliet Johnson’s artwork. I fount it very interesting and unique. This piece of work is different from most of the art that I have seen, it was like a mixture of everything so I thought it was pretty cool. When I look at her art work it makes me feel that anything can be put to use. Its like one person’s trash can be another’s treasure. I got that feeling when I look at this piece of work because she put cloth and a variety of random things and turned it into something amazingly beautiful. I didn’t get to meet her in person but I had a chance to read her little biography and she seems like a very interesting person. I like the way she thinks especially how she often mine her life and issues so things can continue. In the biography she said she uses painting to explain the work. I felt that he art work did speak to me because everything I saw on the work could be useless to an ordinary person. But she was able to use her creativeness and turn it into something very presentable and I was in awe when I saw it.


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