Wk3 – Artist Interview – Josh Benz


Josh Benz is 27 years old and he does oil paintings. He first started painting when he was in community college, when he first started he experimented in dark fantasy on his skateboard. For example a mermaid being eaten by a shark. He says when he paints he focuses more on color and the expression he puts in rather than the photo itself. When i was walking around the Werby gallery, the painting that caught my eye was of the artist Josh Benz and his girlfriend. During the interview i asked him what was the story behind this painting and he said that he needed to paint something for an assignment, he asked his girlfriend to be in it with him. It was a self portrait that was time consuming it took 25-30 hours a week for 2-3 weeks. In the artwork he added a shark and fox in the portrait because he likes sharks and she likes foxes. It was interesting that he put emotions into his art and that is why this photo caught my attention. Josh’s artwork gave me the feeling of seriousness because they show no facial expression in the portrait. When you look at it, you can tell he took a long time on it and was very detailed. I did look at his other art of the drunken man, it was a pleasure to be able to see Josh’s artwork.


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