Wk3 – Activity – Instagram


This activity was to post 4 pictures in one day of what we do throughout the day. This was a little hard to do just because there’s not much that i do in a day that i would take a picture of. My first picture was at school, than sushi for lunch, than walking my dogs at the park, and than a little sightseeing at Signal Hill. Since it was on a Thursday, it was easier because i don’t have class on Friday so i go can stay out late.


When i looked at the pictures other people in Art 110 took, i found it similar to what i do on a daily basis. Most people took pictures of when we were at school and at the art gallery. Some people took pictures with their pets just like i did. I saw that many people took a picture of coffee which is typical for a college student. Some pictures were funny and made me laugh, i thought it was fun.

I found it interesting looking at what people did that day, it didn’t really surprise me because i did similar stuff that day. Most people took a picture of their food, their pets, at school. and the scenery they saw that day. It felt very much like a community because everyone is a college student, there’s not much we could do besides go school and work. This activity was fun and a struggle, but it was still something worth trying out.


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