Wk2 – Activity – Painting

pic 1

This week activity was to spray paint in bubble letters and it was my first time writing in bubble letter and spray painting. Before i did so i tried writing my name out in bubble letters with a pencil. It was hard to do when i first tried it, but it got easier with practice. When i finally thought it turned out decent, i test practiced it by spray painting it on a cardboard at home. It was so different than writing it out on paper. I decided to spray paint at Venice Beach, i thought i wouldn’t have fun and thought that my painting would turn out ugly. At first i didn’t want to do it at Venice Beach because i thought it wouldn’t look good enough and would feel embarrassed if other people saw it. But i gave it a try anyways and found a spot where people didn’t really notice. When i was there i actually had a lot of fun, i didn’t care about what other people had to say anymore. It was also my first time at Venice Beach and i thought it was beautiful and a great experience. I will definitely be coming back!

pic 2


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