Wk2 – Classmate Interview – Hung Trinh


The first classmate I talked to in art 110 is Hung Trinh. He is currently a sophomore and is 19 years old. Hung is an outgoing person that likes to eat Vietnamese food. He is part Vietnamese, Chinese, and Caucasian. He originated from Vietnam and came over when he was 8 years old. Hung is undeclared, but wants to major in healthcare administration which I found interesting because that is what i want to major in too. In his spare time he likes to sleep because when he’s not in school, he’s working. Hung is an independent person because he doesn’t like to rely on someone else to get something that needs to be done. I like how he thinks and his perspective on things, it will get him far in life. I learned quite a bit that was really interesting. He has a dog that is pomeranian mixed chihuahua and named her Den, which in Vietnamese means the color black. At first he didn’t know what to name her, so his mom started calling her Den and i guess it just stuck. Since he came over here from Vietnam with his parents and his brother, they are the only relatives he has here. I had a great time talking to Hung, oh and his favorite color is blue!


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